Sunday, December 13, 2009

musicful lyrics

when ever i listen to Bright Eyes my resolve to write a musically simple song grows exponentially. this is the outcome of a ride home blasting the "Lifted" album. thanks Conor. (recorded version soon to be posted somewhere on the World Wide Web)

there's a lighthouse by the shore
beckoning to keep us yore
the flashing light could tell a tale
of the one's that came before
that came before

there's a house that stands alone
on the road where we were shown
there's a hobo by the door
beckoning to keep us yore
to keep us yore

every little word that comes from
every little thought
all wrapped up into a perfect
needle through my heart
fairer skin has never tasted
as sour to my tongue
but how do i want this
and what do i do with you?

things are helping keep me numb
but my brains a little dumb
chemicals that quell the thoughts
of returning to your arms
to your arms

but all that wins is dreams of us just
layin' head to head
whispering "i love you darlin'"
bundled in my bed
escaping all the world's sorrows
for moments just like this
but then i wake up
and what do i do with you?

with you?..

there's a car that's parked outside
beggin' us to take a ride
there's the keys right by the door
of the place where we grew up
we grew up

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