Monday, March 1, 2010

just a quick thought on the end.

earthquakes, tsunamis, and airplanes into buildings make me think that we're nearer to the end than we once thought.

but what if the end of the world is a slow burn?

We've read that armageddon will be horrific, and that when the end of all things comes no one will be able to even describe the destruction, much less endure it. But what if it's not a sudden explosion of terror? What if it's a slow encounter that we can't recognize until we're all gone? If it will be so, I believe we're in a mess far beyond what we first thought.

"what would you do if you knew the world was ending tomorrow?"
we separate the end from the approach to such so definitively, but why? The world is not "going" to end, it's "ending". And I think we should live accordingly. Which probably looks a little different from that which implies that it will all end tomorrow. The time frame changed, but so did the perspective. If we realize that we're on the downward slope of the end, I think our hearts change. We don't live as though we have endless time with which we can do what we please; but neither will we so drastically adjust as though the sands are almost all in the bottom half of the glass. The drastic adjustment lends itself to fear. And why would we do anything out of fear? It's the opposite of love, which we're told to emulate every day. so I say: don't live out of fear, but also don't be lazy and useless. We're ending, lets make the best of what we've got left.

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