Tuesday, December 7, 2010

from me to me

remember where you came from.
the things you've learned.
you're not a new person.
you're not a young child.
you're a man.
you've been through fire and brushed off the ashes, by the Grace that burned you.
you've been made into what you are.
you're not fresh or clean, so think back.
take a day to stop and remember.
stop moving.
stop looking.
stop breathing.
sit, think, remember.
you've been many places that brought you here.
you've seen many faces that have made you who you are.
so remember and praise your Maker, because He's had you, has you and will have you.


  1. Agreed. A good remembrance is worth many look-forwards.

    I've been trying to incorporate more remembering, more silence, and more pondering in my life.