Tuesday, August 11, 2009

and now for something completely different

once there was a boy who grew up.
he wandered, globetrotting for decades.
all of his wants seemed just ahead of him.
so he pressed on.
every day he would rise with the sun.
every night he would go down the same.
sun times he was moving.
moon times he was still.
greatness was what he was after.
not to be called great, but to find greatness.
greatness is more like a lion and less like a sun tan.
the tan he had.
walking, bussing, hitch hiking, they all gave him that.
but he didn't set out to become, he set out to find.
for years on years he roamed, looking for the lion.
directly behind him at all times was the unnamed voice.
pushing him.
to move forward.
"stop listening and start feeling.
stop looking and start breathing."
most days ignorance of the voice was easy.
caught up in the moment, it's quite simple to translate it inwardly.
not so simple to see what it really is.
not so simple to be what you really are.
but there were just enough days that ignorance escaped him.
drawing on his tendencies to withdraw, he had to feel it.
pushing him.
to move forward.
from outside his mind he could breathe.
and all it really took was a half dozen days or so to make him stop.
stop listening.
stop looking.
and to start feeling.
and to start breathing.
the lion escaped him, but at the end of his road was a lake.
ready to refresh he bent down to be startled by what was reflected.
it was him. he was a lion.
he found what he had become.
and he jumped in and enjoyed it fully.

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