Thursday, October 29, 2009

a note on notes

sometimes i worry about how its going to play out
this song i'm singing
i know there's a high note coming that
when i hit it
sounds so good but when i don't
could cause water to curdle

i know it's coming

i know it

now i'm thinking about it

but i'm still singing the notes leading to it
but not thinking about those
i'm thinking about that high note
i'm missing the notes i'm singing now

i'm not feeling the music right now
i'm not experiencing the song at this moment

i'm worried about that high note

and now that i've worried myself into a tizzy
i'm almost certainly going to miss that note

if i felt what i'm singing now
maybe i'd hit that note

but i'm not

i'd like to stop worrying and start enjoying this song.

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